Acquaintance with the official tourist and legal agent of Baku Safe Road

Safe Road Legal Broker Baku is a team of qualified and experienced lawyers and lawyers in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was established to provide legal and immigration services in various fields, with the main offices in Baku and Tehran as the focus. The organized management of the legal services of the Baku Safeway Broker is based on the successful experiences of advanced international legal institutions, which are always responsive to our dear compatriots in all immigration and tourist matters: obtaining educational, working, sports, investment, company registration, sending students, and obtaining visas. And also legal matters: acceptance of attorney-court disputes-citizenship rights-family rights-and laws of the immigration office.

Getting to know the services of sending students and obtaining academic admissions from universities around the world


Familiarity with immigration services

1. Residence in Azerbaijan through company registration

2. Residence in Azerbaijan through the purchase of property

3. Residence in Azerbaijan through work

4. Residence in Azerbaijan through education

5. Residence in Azerbaijan through investment

6. Residence in Azerbaijan through marriage

7. Staying in Azerbaijan and obtaining citizenship through birth

8. Residence in Azerbaijan for artists and athletes

Tourist services and visa advice

1. Obtaining a tourist visa.

2.- Obtaining a multiple visa (multiple entry).

3. Study visa with a valid invitation from public universities.

4. Work visa with an apostilled invitation from the employer and Schengen member companies

5. Biometric appointment (all Baku embassies).

6. Preparation of biometric photo.

7. Determining the time of the embassy.

8. Forming a file and paying visa fees.

9. Completing visa application forms related to the embassy.

10. Hotel reservation in all cities and countries of Europe for presenting the embassy.

11. Book round trip tickets.

12. Issuance of travel, educational, work insurance policies.

13. Organizing individual and group customized tours in European cities.

Familiarity with legal services

1. Obtaining consultation time by the client

Our lawyers will be by your side at all stages of criminal, appeals, high courts, representation and defense in government bodies and police departments and investigation sessions and will defend your civil rights.

2. Consulting banking services

The opening of Burley bank accounts for natural and legal persons, as well as the prosperity and growth of banking transactions, along with the complexity of bank operations and services, has led to an increase in the number and statistics of bank claims. Therefore, it is necessary to pay enough attention to these matters in order to prevent the occurrence of losses due to non-observance of financial and banking points. Stay with us to get the necessary information.

3. Legal claims

Legal issues are among the issues that natural and legal persons are faced with and try not to violate their rights during their personal and business life, which include: setting up a lease agreement – inheritance and inheritance – will – demand for money – dispossess – Family – immigration – proof of ownership is always important

4. Criminal cases

Court cases have special proceedings. In general, we can divide these procedures into two categories: personal procedure and criminal procedure. Criminal type proceedings are for those cases in which some kind of crime occurs. These cases are conducted with specific rules. This law consists of laws that determine the principles of dealing with crimes from the discovery of the crime to the issuance of the final verdict.

5. Property claims

Today, there are many types of real estate claims, each of which has its own characteristics, and to solve them, you will need a good and experienced real estate lawyer familiar with the laws of Azerbaijan. Knowing about these types of claims can undoubtedly have many benefits for you and help you to better use the local real estate laws.

6. Registered lawsuits

Registration lawsuits are among the lawsuits and problems that are very difficult and complicated for people to deal with, because the relevant laws in this field are very extensive in Azerbaijan. Therefore, in order to solve registration problems, it is necessary to get guidance from a registered lawyer who has a high command of registration laws and regulations, such as transferring a property, business, or car, or entrust the process of filing a case to a registered lawyer.

Granting agency and contract

Successful cases and visas obtained

Successful cases and visas obtained

Granting agency and contract

Asghar Jafarzad is in charge of the management of the tourist and legal agency of Baku Sure Way and works as a lawyer and an official and registered agent in the Republic of Azerbaijan. He has been working in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2016, and in a short period of time, he has been able to achieve significant success as an immigration agency. Asghar Jafarzad’s work resume as a lawyer and immigration lawyer includes activities in fields such as residence cases and referring to the immigration office and sending successful students and athletes to different countries. The world is seen. All these experiences, along with his academic expertise, have given him a valuable insight into the challenges faced by immigrants and clients.

وکلای مجرب ما

1. اخذ وقت مشاوره توسط موکل

موکلان عزیز میتوانند در ابتدا توسط وبسایت و یا توسط لینک مشاوره یا تماس تلفنی جهت اخذ وقت مشاوره ابتدا اقدم نمایند

2. مشاوره خدمات بانکی

افتتاح حساب بانکی برلی افراد حقیقی و حقوقی و همچنین رونق گرفتن و رشد مراودات بانکی در کنار پیچیده شدن عملیات و خدمات بانک‌ها موجب افزایش تعداد و آمار دعاوی بانکی شده است. بنابراین ضروری است بادقت و توجه کافی به این موارد پرداخته شود تا از بروز ضرر و زیان ناشی از عدم رعایت نکات مالی و بانکی جلوگیری گردد. برای کسب اطلاعات لازم و ضروری با ما همراه باشید.

3. دعاوی حقوقی

موضوعات حقوقی از اموری هستند که اشخاص حقیقی و حقوقی با آن‌ها مواجه بوده و در طول زندگی شخصی و بیزنس خود برای پایمال نشدن حقوق خویش تلاش می کنند که شامل: تنظیم قرارداد اجاره- ارث و میراث-وصیت نامه- مطالبه وجه- خلع ید- خانواده- مهاجرت- اثبات مالکیت می باشد که همواره حائز اهمیت است

4. پرونده های کیفری

پرونده‌های قضایی، تشریفات رسیدگی خاصی دارند. به‌طورکلی می‌توانیم این تشریفات را به دودسته آیین دادرسی شخص و دادرسی کیفری(جنایی) تقسیم کنیم. دادرسی نوع کیفری برای آن دسته از پرونده‌هایی است که در آن نوعی جرم رخ می‌دهد.این پرونده‌ها با قواعد مشخصی انجام می‌شوند. این قانون، خود از قوانینی تشکیل می‌شود که اصول رسیدگی به جرائم را از کشف جرم تا صدور رأی نهایی مشخص می‌کند

5. دعاوی ملکی

امروزه دعاوی ملکی دارای انواع مختلفی هستند که هریک از آنها دارای مشخصات مربوط به خود بوده و برای حل آنها شما به یک وکیل ملکی خوب و باتجربه و آشنا به قوانین آذربایجان نیاز پیدا خواهید کرد. آشنایی با انواع این دعاوی بدون شک می‌تواند مزایای زیادی را برای شما داشته باشد و به شما کمک کند تا به شکل بهتری از قوانین ملکی محلی استفاده کنید.

6. دعاوی ثبتی

دعاوی ثبتی ازجمله دعاوی و مشکلاتی است که انجام آنها توسط افراد بسیار سخت و پیچیده است، زیرا قوانین مربوطه در این حوزه در آذربایجان بسیار گسترده است. ازاین‌رو برای حل مشکلات ثبتی لازم است همانند نقل و انتقال ملک و بیزنس و یا اتومبیل از وکیل ثبتی که تسلط بالایی نسبت به قوانین و مقررات ثبتی دارد راهنمایی دریافت نمایید و یا روند انجام پرونده در انواع دعاوی ثبتی را به وکیل ثبتی واگذار کنید.

وکلای مجرب ما

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